About Luca Pellizzaro

Luca Pellizzaro is a professional photographer whose photographs are been used widely and internationally.

In Music Photography, he has photographed members of Skunk Anansie, Starsailor, Amy Winehouse Band amongst many others.

The Institute of Contemporary Performance, Vicenza Jazz Festival, Soho Jazz Club London, Pizza Express Live and London Music Weekend are among some of the organisations that have used his photos.

He has recently been commissioned by solo recording artist Xantoné Blacq to shoot the photography for his next album release with SONY MUSIC.


Contact me

Luca Pellizzaro via San Bernardino 33/3 – Montecchio Maggiore (VI) Italy

+39 366.144.68.50 | lucapellizzaro80 @ gmail.com | skype: altramusica.scuola.di.musica